Making Your Home Smarter. Saving You Money.

We provide affordable smart home automation and installation.

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Connect your home to your smart phone.

Have control of your home from anywhere in the world.

Create the integrated home.

Changing the way you control your home. For good.

With the use of our industry leading smart switches and devices, we give you full control of every electronic device in your home through voice activation or the click of a button.

How It Works


Specify your household needs.

Whether its creating an entirely smart home or automating your appliances to save on electricity. Specify the number of devices that you want to be automated.


Choose your installation day.

Select a day that suits you. We arrive with our industry leading knowledge, equipment and a certified electrician.


Installation and device set up.

We install smart switches and connect your home to your smart phone. By the time we leave, your home will be automated and controllable from your smart phone.

Struggling To Save On Electricity?

  • Use the Smart Switch to automate high consumption devices like your geyser and aircon.
  • Adapt your devices to match your schedule and needs. Saving you money and peace of mind.

About Us

Our story is similar to yours: We wanted to save money on our monthly utility bills without having to think about it.

A home automation company for those who want the integrated smart home that knows how to reduce costs on high consumption goods.

Our Smart Switches monitors your consumption in real time and allows you to track and put control measures in place to reduce your costs.

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